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4 oz Jsheaoil

8 oz Sugar Scrub

1 oz Travel size Facial Serum

4 oz Whipped  Butter

For Dry Skin, dry patches, exfoliation, and overall moisturization for the skin


If you want to supercharge the healing effect pair our scrub with a pumice stone during your cleansing routine.

*FOR ALL skin types 

Apply 1 to 2 times per week on face & entire body. If you suffer from sensitive skin, use once a week. After Stepping out of the shower on damp skin apply


Jsheaoil mixed w/

Jshea Butter on body

Great when used with Jshea Facial Serum on face& bikini line

Exfoliate face/ bikini line twice a week apply Jshea Facial Serum & Butter day & night