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4 oz Whipped Butter

8 oz  Whipped Butter 

Our  Hair and Body Butter is designed to  go on smooth  & creamy. Our butter contains shea butter and Kokum butter which are both emollients that help to soften rough, dry skin.

We've seen the effects of eczema firsthand. The itching, the sleepless nights, the daily frustrations. They're all things we could honestly live without.

That’s why we decided to create something special – a cream that’s rich with soothing oils, botanicals, nutrients, vitamins A through K and various minerals. 

Jshea  Butter is there to soothe and hydrate, bringing you back to full comfort. It’s simple & effective. It’s like a soothing balm in the palm of your hand, whenever it's needed. With just a few dabs a day, a little bit goes a long way.

Our customers have a lot to say. So does our ingredients list. Read both below before you buy. Happier days are coming – that’s our honest promise. 


Water hydrates & adds moisture to your hair and skin.

Our butter moisturizes & seal in moisture and slows the process of moisture loss.

2. Reduce and Diminish fine lines of the face and body. 

3.Tighten and even skin tone, while causing the skin to look fuller and more younger. 

4. For Scars old or new, it has been known to even the skin and prevent scaring and reduce the size of scares. 

 6. Great to prevent and aid with stretch marks

7. Due to the level of black cumin essential oil in the balm, it is great

to help build the immune system when used with Soap Bar 1 daily


1.*Don’t reapply butter without cleansing first*

2. Cleanse your hair and skin

Before adding new products to your body you have to clear away old products, dead skin, dirt, and whatever build-up is in the way.

Our Tumeric soap bar, or Peppermint  shampoo will also lift the cuticles on your hair and help you with the next step.



Apply a quarter-sized amount in your hands with our Jsheaoil(hair & body oil) on damp skin and rub on your hair and skin in an even layer.


Apply a quarter-sized amount in your hands with our Jshea Facial Serum on damp skin and rub on your face  and intimate/bikini line in an even layer. 

It will work wonders on face, beard, body, hair bikini line, •seals in Moisturize •Eliminates dry scalp from irritation from dryness •Minor scapes & burns  •Small skin wounds •Reducing scarring •Even skin tone• Eczema •Psoriasis •Itching due to dryness •Stretch marks prevention during pregnancy •Cracked heels, feet, elbows, knees •Baby Care/ Diaper Rash 


Ingredients:  (Goats Milk),  (Shea Butter), (Mango Butter)(Coconut Oil) Manuoka Honey),  (Tea Tree Oil), and Exotic herbs blend.




Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product does not claim to treat, cure, or prevent any skin condition. Results may vary.