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A 4 oz Multicultural Beauty product made for men, women, children. 100% fusion of the purest natural essential oils for capillary health.
This product is a multi-purpose oil specifically made for sensitive skin. 

Ingredients: Anti-Aging exotic oils herb blend 

Nourishes the skin, Moisturizes,


🌟Restore collagen in the skin


🌟Acne spot treatment


🌟Senstive skin

🌟Facial Eczema

🌟Dark spots




🌟Vagina soarness

🌟Razor bumps


🌟 Cold soars 


*Applyafter applying choice of toner. One pump does it all. Massage into skin in circular upward position.


*Applytwice a day for combination skin. For oily skin apply only at bedtime.


*Applydirectly on pimple over night to reduce inflammation and redness. Also great to use as a pre-shave oil 


Use sparingly, a little goes a long way!